When it comes to cardio workouts, one of the biggest sports trends of the last few years is fitness Bootcamp. Whether you hate going to an indoor gym or are just looking for a new way to move intensively, bootcamps should be perfect for you.

Bootcamps are intense and practiced outside all year long. They are a very efficient method of training ! It can be intimidating although it is indeed quite accessible to all fitness levels of practice !

Bootcamps are a very efficient method of training.

Originally, bootcamps came from the United States, like lots of new sport trends. Veteran Ken Weichert first had the idea in the late 1990s, to create a “fitness” version of military bootcamps.

In 20 years, this concept has evolved greatly and exists now in various versions. Some bootcamps remain very influenced by the military training: crawling in the mud, crossing obstacles, and doing tens of push-ups ! These types of workouts have given birth to another very popular concept: obstacle races like the Mud Day or the Spartan Race. In short, challenge yourselves and get dirty !

Other bootcamps have a more urban DNA. They are more adapted to being practised in a city while keeping the goal of “surpassing oneself”. They offer circuit training both cardio and muscle strengthening for a very thorough session. Stairs, benches and other elements of street furniture are used to create various exercises. This is what BootCamp Girls offer, with a wide variety of sessions for all needs.

These workouts are always diversified and change frequently. They will strengthen every muscle group and results come by quite fast. It is an ideal way to building a harmonious body, with a strong musculature and a healthy heart.

To surpass yourself in a group

One of the biggest advantages of bootcamps is that they always take place in groups. Collective emulation makes us want to surpass ourselves and give everything we can. We help each other, sweat and complain together!

These exercises help building team spirit. After each session, your mood will be skyrocketing not only because endorphins are at their peak, but also because you spend an hour or more laughing and sharing an intense experience with others.

This is also why many of these training camps are proposed to companies, to strengthen cohesion among colleagues.

What to wear

What we want most: breathable clothes ! As we said, the “bootcamp” workouts are (very) intense and they will make you sweat a lot. It is therefore necessary to prefer technical fabrics, like polyamide, which will quickly evacuate moisture and dry fast, avoiding you to feel cold as soon as you stop (very unpleasant, especially in winter).

As always, when talking about high impact activities, do not forget to invest in a good sport bra, to preserve your bust and to forget about it throughout your workout. Another essential element: a pair of shoes with good cushioning, because you will jump and / or run a lot during these sessions.